Writing Groups

As the editor of the Quarterly Review I would like to  personally encourage all writers, aspiring and published authors, to join a writing group. There is nothing better to improve your writing than to have other writers give you constructive feedback on a regular basis. To that end the Quarterly Review will help Silver City writers start a new group each quarter. In addition, we will list here on this page the groups created including a short description, when and where it meets and if it is open to newcomers.

This is how the group creation process will work:

  • The first two months of each quarter will be open enrollment for a new group
  • Writers can join the group by sending an email to us at the Quarterly Review
  • We will send out a group email at the end of the enrollment to everyone who joined
  • An introduction meeting will be scheduled in the following week
  • Someone from the Quarterly Review will attend and chair the introduction meeting
  • Details such as meeting time, length and frequency, group format and location will be decided
  • The second meeting will be at the decided time and be a walkthrough of the first writing group. Someone from the Quarterly Review will attend and facilitate
  • After that you are on your own.
  • Groups can decide when and if they want to close to newcomers
  • Updates to group meeting times, open status and format will be kept on this page
  • Writers looking for a writing group can either contact an existing open group or join the new group that quarter
Group Name Meets Format Contact email Status
SCQR Editorial Board Sundays 4PM Javelina Coffee House Write before / critique in group d.chris.lemme@ gmail.com Closed