Winter 2017

With the start of the New Year we have a new batch of talented writers, including more submissions by students from Aldo Leopold Charter School. This issue we are also showcasing excerpts from two local novelists who have recently published new novels. We hope you enjoy these samples of their writing and are interested in reading the full novels.

 deathintheblackpatch_cover Excerpt from Death in the Black Patch
by Bruce Wilson

Wes was born the year his father came home from the war. John Henry Wilson had fought battles in Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama and had seen men die.

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 abstract-cat-art-sharon-savitz Goodbye and Joy
by Beate Sigriddaughter

She looked like she was sleeping
in a blanket she had claimed
for her nine lives in our presence.

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 monsters-essay Monsters
by Rayzhine Griggs

What are monsters? Monsters can be the creatures under our beds, or the voices in our heads. They can show signs of a heartbeat, or take form of an idea or thought.

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thesextherapist Chapter 5 – The Sex Therapist
by Chris Lemme

John Roberts, is a sex therapist and sexual surrogate. That’s right, he has sex with his clients. But in the process of healing others in need, the good doctor somehow forgets himself, until he meets the most unusual woman of all.

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 clairecatlett-bw-sunstar Breaking Through and Stepping Through
by Stewart Warren

I have considered an aesthetic life,
and so have you.
Just a bowl, just a book,
a song for morning
and one for the end of day.

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 julie_enos-darkcloudsroad I am From…
by Ava Bjornstad, Carlos Arias and Toby Guck

I am from here, there, and nowhere
from arguments, fights, brawls, and
days of silence

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 sulamith-wulfing-maidenmothercrone Nocturne, Atropos and Songs of the Mute
by Raven Drake

Night is a portal
Into another world
Where torpid shadows stir
As the day unfurls

Her crackling tenacity
Restrains a forlorn star
Plaintive in her clutches
Dwindling from afar

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