Summer 2016

Our family of contributing writers has grown larger than we expected when we compiled the first issue last fall. This issue draws from our expanding family and consists solely of writers who have contributed to previous issues. We hope you enjoy these new works from this talented group.

Front COVER Chapter 1 – Finding Bartholomew
by Chris Lemme

It is difficult to hold, heavy for such a small thing. Awkward, yet somehow reassuring. So much power in such a small package.

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Faith Diamanti.Fall leaves Pages and Intruder

by Mary O’Loughlin

I search the mass of pages
in quest of songful verse
yet find leaves
in the room of words

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Damnificados Review of Damnificados

by Diana Edwards

JJ Amaworo Wilson is a master of evocative details that conjure up characters like Nacho, the brilliant cripple, in words so alive that I found myself becoming more alive in their company.

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Claire Catlett.BW butterfly Deadline and Silence

by Jane Janson

New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and on and on.

Overhead the fan keeps the night from settling on me like lead.

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Claire Catlett.forest flower As If Love Won and Other Poems

by Raven Drake

If we had a chance to meet
Without a hint of shame
You’d have called me darling
We’d have shared a name
And in borderlands near at hand
Love would win the day

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Claire Catlett.gila flowers Desire and Other Poems

by Beate Sigriddaughter

Where do I begin?

My parents whisper
in ways I cannot imagine.
A birth with snow and candlelight
is easier to grasp.

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Faith Diamanti.Cactus flower Morning Beat

by Wendy Gist

Buttery sunshine spreads smooth over juniper dabbed dirt. Blue heron plunges from pine fluff, skims lake green as gunpowder tea.

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