Short Story Contest for Spring 2017

shortstoryAll writers are invited to submit entries for our short story contest for our Spring 2017 issue. Here are the rules:

  1. Submissions  must be a short story format, are limited to 1500 words but unlimited on topic.
  2. Submissions are made via email to our address.
  3. Each submission must include a fee of $10 which goes towards the prizes awarded.
  4. Instructions for payment will be sent after we receive your story submission.
  5. Deadline for submissions is 9pm March 15th, 2017.
  6. An editorial panel will decide on the first and second prize winners.
  7. First prize will be awarded 75% of the collected purse and be featured in our Spring issue.
  8. Second prize will be awarded 25% of the collected purse and also be published in the Spring issue.
  9. We retain the right of first refusal to publish all submissions at sometime in the future. (You need to ask us before you submit your piece to be published elsewhere.)

Please email us with any questions regarding the contest or rules. Happy writing!


About Chris Lemme

I have been writing my whole adult life, professionally as a technical writer in the IT and business consulting industries and in my personal life for my own enjoyment. My latest novel, "The Sex Therapist", was published January 2017 and is available on my website and Amazon. My first novel, "Finding Bartholomew", was published September 2015
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