Are you a local artist or writer?

The Silver City Quarterly Review is looking for local authors to submit content for our Fall issue (October 2015).  Please read our About section for more details.

In addition, we would like to display original artwork from local artists to accompany the poems, short stories and reviews. Artwork must be original and owned by the artist, but may include photography or a digital image of any media including sculpture, ceramics or other three-dimensional pieces. Please help us adorn our local magazine with the beauty created by our local artists.

About Chris Lemme

I have been writing my whole adult life, professionally as a technical writer in the IT and business consulting industries and in my personal life for my own enjoyment. My latest novel, "The Sex Therapist", was published January 2017 and is available on my website and Amazon. My first novel, "Finding Bartholomew", was published September 2015
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2 Responses to Are you a local artist or writer?

  1. Mary says:

    Hi Chris – I have some water colors I have done of the Gila River (in Autumn months) if you have any stories or poems that will go in the Fall issue which these or one of these could be suitable for. Also some other local landscape water colors I’ve done. I only have my originals, but can take a photo and send to see if you think images would work for your publication


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