Summer 2018

This issue we have a delightful mix of essay, short story and poems from past and new contributors. Also, we continue to encourage all local writers, from aspiring to well published, to join a writing group. Contact us and check out this page to learn how to join the group starting this quarter.

Metamophosis.Alphanso.Blake Hungry for Love
by Gerald Hausman

We lived in Jamaica, loved Jamaica. I was writing a book about Jamaica. It seemed that everything that was going on around us filtered into my writing and mysteriously shaped itself into a new chapter.

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Ocean wave.Marie.Antuanelle The Waters and Crow’s Nest
by Azima Forest

Rock my soul
in your waters
Mother Ocean
pulsing life
of Planet Earth

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raven-silja-erg Wisdom of Ravens
by Kate Rauner

Morning chores they watch me do,
I prune and weed until I’m through.
The bowl of kibbles that I carry
Commands attention, so they tarry.

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Mother-Child.Monika.Froch Little Chomp
by Allison Waterman

It starts with a harmless little nibble. She poses politely, softly lilting her voice, masking the murderous intent that hasn’t yet crept up fully to the tips of her lips.

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Grass.Tassila.Elizabeth Memories of Webster
by John Little

Looking east from the porch,
The tall, dry grass rolls like ocean swells in the spring breeze.
Squinting a bit, the savannah becomes the Serengeti,
And glimpses of lions appear to those with imagination.

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freedom.jaison.cianelli Dream On Me and Treasure
by Stewart Warren

I got a new ship
with a sharper prow,
a new river falling the long way.

She meets me on the shore
of every portage, every sunset
under the sun.

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red-white-color-abstract-water-blood Blood Bank
by EJ Randolph

Pierre strode down the sidewalk in his black suit. A brisk breeze blew, and he felt good. He breathed in deep. Ah, the warm scent of human blood.

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abstract.Dan.Bunea Under a Rose and Other Poems
by Raven Drake

At the roots of Earth and Hell
Brought forth by heat and cold
Resounding like a bell
I wind around your soul

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Beryl Raven.Glass Goddess.painting Glass Goddess
by Beryl Raven

Awaken her, this goddess in glass so she can remember who she is -remind her who she is! Magnify the light of her days and still the anguish of her grief;
help her remember she is a Luna.

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