Spring 2018

This issue we are excited to present a creative selection of short stories and poems as well as a book review. Enjoy! In addition, we continue to encourage all of our writers to join a local writing group. Contact us and check out this page to learn how to join the group starting this quarter.

Diamonds At Dawn - Draft Front Cover C Book Review of Diamonds at Dawn
by Linda Ferrara

Diamonds at Dawn, second in a series, continues the adventures of four teenagers in southwest New Mexico as they navigate the turmoil of adolescence.

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bells Bells of Time and Forgotten
by Grace Walton

The chorus sings a song of death
Every day
Every Hour
Every moment

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cornelius_volker_jips_l Adverse Alternatives
by Mary O’Loughlin

“You have a beautiful mouth.”

Oh shit! I can’t believe I said it out loud, and in front of her husband.

Head down, Maggie studies the menu.

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passion-abstract-art-triptych-3-of-3-jaison-cianelli No More and Other Poems
by Francesca West

Getting to call me anything that you wish.
Angel. Whore. Naïve. Manipulative.

Full of knowing, then devoid of being.
Somehow we’re insecure but still man-eating.

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Dan.Bunea.Someday Trans-Brother
by Joni Kay Rose

In the still night, in the dark night
furtively i reach out, feeling
behind the auto parts and sports
logos, blindly groping until i find
the secret exit.

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paul hotvedt.mimbres June
by Catalina Claussen

“It’s been an exiguous week in the Mimbres Valley,” Grannie Max exhales as she settles into her rattan settee on the front porch and considers the persistent azure sky. She smiles to herself and tries not to make eye contact with her new friend as she tries out Merriam-Webster’s word of the day – exiguous.

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pierre-bonnard-orange-cat Orange Cat and Other Poems
by Gerald Hausman

The night of the orange cat
was like that –
sunset sat, peach and rose
the orange cat froze

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EJ Randolph-Bear mountain The Visitor
by E.J. Randolph

I shaded my eyes and searched the endless horizon for a man on horseback. He was only going for a short ride. That was hours ago. Was that him? A dark shape in the distance? No.

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Jacqueline.McIntyre.Raven Winter Reflections and Adobe State of Mind
by John Little

A raven stopped by today.
He landed on a branch not ten feet from my window,
Where I sat drinking my morning coffee.
Perhaps he has a message for me I thought.

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siftingthepast_still-life_floris-gerritsz-van-schooten_ The Rich Man
by Linda Ferrara

It was a night for celebrating. Today, his greatest wish had come true and hell if he wasn’t going to have the best meal in town, the best wine, white linen tablecloth, valet parking – the works.

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gecko-lizard-lanre-buraimoh Lord of Lizards and Other Poems
by Beate Sigriddaughter

When I am in danger
of forgetting the beauty
of it all, I look at the fence
where I once spotted
a lizard in the sun, quite large,
with turquoise belly skin,
and, on second look,
trapped in fine wire,
unable to move.

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