Spring 2017

This quarter we ran a short story writing contest and received thirteen entries from eleven authors. We are thrilled with the breadth of story ideas and the number of creative entries. Tom Hester won first prize with his story Paradise Aerie. Robin Austin won second prize with her story The Bear. Chase Manhattan won an honorable mention with his story Heavy Medicine. And Tom Hester also won an honorable mention with a second submission, Snails “R” Us. We are pleased to be able to share all of these stories, plus several from our editorial board members, with you this issue. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

New this quarter, we are starting a process which will create a new local writing group each quarter. You can read more about it here.

 Claire Catlett Flowers Paradise Aeriefirst place
by Tom Hester

“Alone here, with this vista spread out like that, you can find your real self.” Emily Montoya gestured toward the dirt road winding up through the junipers, its initial curve looking as thin as a string.

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 Linda Israel-Bear The Bearsecond place
by Robin Austin

She has the walk of someone with a broken heart, arms hanging heavy and shoes grating the pavement like they hold wet concrete. From the moment she opened her eyes that morning she knew that everything was going to be a different color from now on.

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Julie Enos_2488 Heavy Medicinehonorable mention
by Chase Manhattan

Though the fire was small, it made a furnace of the tiny cave. BrokenNose sat with his back to the cave walls, swaddled in a bear skin, sweat running in thick rivulets down his face and body.

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snails Snails “R” Ushonorable mention
by Tom Hester

Inspiration to open a snail-themed restaurant on Bullard Street came to me, as so often happens, in a dream.

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Sword Three Body Blade
by Chris Lemme

The three men stand with their arms stretched overhead, their wrists bound to a rough-hewn beam. Their ankles are likewise tied to a beam running along the ground.

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proposal The Proposal
by Mary O’Laughlin

The question had been brewing – I expected it. The arrival felt sudden, though it’s been long in the coming.

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cat Think About It
by Linda Ferrara

‘Think About It’. It was time to get out of the house and this title was better than the others on the list – like ‘Urban Bioethics’, ‘Beginning Mandarin’, ‘How to Take Great Photos’ or ‘Getting the Most Out of Adobe Illustrator’.

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snow covered road Roadside Assistants
by Catalina Claussen

Cathie Johnson, English teacher, is headed home after a productive snow day at work. She is distracted by the flakes mingling with dirt blowing across the surface of the road.

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