Winter 2018

This issue we are proud to present a colorful variety of short stories and poems by established, previously unpublished and student authors. We continue to encourage all of our writers to join a writing group. Contact us and check out this page to learn how to join the group starting this quarter.

Andrew Atroshenko.tango While She Was Dancing and Other Poems
by Beate Sigriddaughter

While she was dancing tango one Sunday night, cheek to check with friendly strangers, shots rang out elsewhere.

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Buddy Bunting.convenience store Quick Stop
by Chris Lemme

I march purposefully towards the coffee bar and fill a large cardboard cup leaving an inch at top for the necessary additions to make the black liquid palatable. I lick my lips in anticipation of slaking my coke-fueled thirst with the hot beverage.

Julie_Enos.Trees wild clouds Silver in These Hills
by Stewart Warren

These high tin ceilings pressed into service in the long-ago of a western mining town, rows of Mexican pottery on makeshift shelves and this longing that refuses any war that leaves the soul bereft and dishonored

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Jeff Pittman.main street Taste to Talk
by Daniel Mahl

As the cold, winter sun rises slowly over the distant mountains, the downtown shops come to life. The tailor, grocery, jewelry shop, and bakery open their doors, normal stores in every regard. However, everyone in town knows that the store at the end of the street is different.

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purple iguana Reptile Rain and Other Poems
by Maverick Goodson

Reptile rain repel me,
in the sub-zero fog
sear me, scorpion burn
of sorrow
while I watch you

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Jenny.Floravita.tropical-island Micronation, Inc.
by Kate Rauner

Typhoon Omeka passed but the winds were still too strong to send a drone over the distant island. Premier Tong scrolled through Micronation’s scheme for selling citizenships and passports, changing banking regulations, and licensing biogenetic research labs.

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In the depths Necromancer and Other Poems
by Raven Drake

I appear with the unbegotten
In the hollows of the seen
A shadow of the soon forgotten
I enter through the dream

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thorn The Thorn
by Zazie Friderichs

It was her idea, her choice. Not that she regrets the decision, but sometimes she worries what other people think. Sure, she wanted to become a nurse, but helping women with abortions, that was not her plan.

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You-Lie The Lie’s Come ‘Round
by Michael Scherer

The lie came ‘round
and we grabbed our guns
Off we marched
and followed the lie
as truth

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